About KicksFit

What is KicksFit?

A unique football workout - Football & fitness in 1!

KicksFit is an independent company, which combines fitness and football training in workouts of at least 1 hour. So you can play football and get stronger without having to go to the gym. You can go whenever and wherever you want: there is no attendance requirement and your membership is valid at all KicksFit locations in the Netherlands. P.s. Did you know that the KicksFit concept was developed by the creative hub of the KNVB?

Enjoy 60 minutes of football and prepare yourself for a full body fitness workout: that’s KicksFit.


What do you do during a football workout?

Fitness, strength and your football skills… that’s what you work on during an hour of KicksFit. An average KicksFit workout looks like this:

The order differs each time. Saying that, we have never actually started with the cooling down…


Three types of workouts

We have developed three types of KicksFit workouts. Some focus more on football, others on fitness.

KicksFit Football Workout

50% strength / 50% football

In this workout you work on your strength as well as playing football. During the strength section, the focus is on building muscle and getting stronger. The football section is all about improving your cardiovascular system and football skills. Each training ends with a game or a friendly match.

KicksFit Cardio Football

80% football / 20% strength

A tough football training where you also train your endurance and speed. In this training session, the focus is on improving your football skills and your cardiovascular system. So: pass, dribble and shoot (…and hopefully score). During this workout, we also incorporate bodyweight movements to improve your strength.

KicksFit Power

80% strength / 20% football

Poweeeeer! If you want to get stronger for duels, this workout is perfect for you. The focus is mainly on strength. We combine functional strength exercises with football to build muscle and get stronger. We pay extra attention to improving the technique when performing the exercises. KicksFit Power is also perfect as a low-impact workout for members who have just returned to training or athletes returning from injury.

Football workouts for everyone: from elite athletes to beginners

We prepare all workouts with care to ensure that every training is different. This allows us to keep ourselves sharp and offer you a fun and original training every time, at your own level. Are you semi-prof? The captain of your local team? Or do you just feel like playing some football with friends? Our workouts are for everyone. (Of course, in accordance with the KNVB’s hygiene and safety protocol)

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Want to become a KicksFit location?

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