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Enrich your sports or football club by offering KicksFit workouts and contribute to the innovative football concept developed by the Dutch Football Association! Attract new members and increase member retention: we are happy to share the success of the best sports concept in the Netherlands with you. Are you a forward-thinking club? Reach out!

Recruit new members and increase member retention

Many football clubs struggle with the outflow because members can no longer meet the training and match obligations due to their job, home situation or an injury. But everyone wants to stay fit. A KNVB survey conducted among more than 2,500 former football players shows that most football players still exercise to stay fit: to build muscle mass and maintain fitness. This often happens in the gym, as it offers freedom and flexible times. The physical benefits are there, but football, friendships and the fun are all missing.

That is why a new sport concept has been developed that combines the fun of football with the result of fitness: KicksFit. The 60 to 90 minutes of football and fitness training sessions are given on the football pitch at different times of the week: the ideal solution!

This offers your members the opportunity to come and train flexibly, where the result of fitness is combined with the fun of football. They don’t have to miss their club and you have an innovative concept to attract new members and reduce the drop-out. Sign up here for more information. We will then contact you as soon as possible.


A short overview of the advantages


In order to provide KicksFit workouts, your club must be able to provide:

What is KicksFit?

KicksFit is a new and unique concept developed by the Dutch Football Association (KNVB), which combines fitness and football training in workouts of at least 1 hour. This way you can play football and get stronger, without having to go to the gym. You go when and where you want: there is no attendance requirement and the membership is valid at all KicksFit locations in the Netherlands.

Enjoy 60 minutes of football and get ready for a full-body fitness workout: that’s KicksFit.

In short: all-round workouts, developed by professionals, that are effective and fun. An added bonus for every football club!


Become a KicksFit location

Due to its great success, the KicksFit concept is being introduced throughout the Netherlands. Come along to a workout at one of our locations or book a free trial workout here to become familiar with the concept.

Would you like to discuss the possibilities of becoming a KicksFit location? Leave your details here and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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