About KicksFit

Developed by the Dutch Football Association’s innovation hub

The KicksFit concept was developed by the KNVB and is now offered as an independent company. The KNVB is constantly optimising what football has to offer. Their mission is to ensure that everyone should be able to enjoy football, at every level and for a lifetime. KicksFit meets the demand of society and the latest trends. The drop-out rate of football players is increasing as they can no longer meet the team obligations or because they start doing other sports. KicksFit is the ideal solution and offers flexible football workouts: football fun, without the commitment.


Take away the reason to stop

Research conducted by the KNVB among more than 2,500 former football players shows that most players (still) exercise to look fit, to build muscle mass and to stay in shape. They prefer to do this at flexible times: before or after work, whenever it suits them best. The physical benefits are certainly there, but many athletes and former football players miss the fun that football has always offered them.

What is KicksFit?

Based on the research, the KNVB developed the new sport concept that combines the fun of football with the result of fitness: KicksFit. KicksFit is the unique, innovative concept developed by the Dutch Football Association (KNVB), which combines fitness and football training in 1-hour workouts. Football enthusiasts can now continue playing their favourite sport whenever and wherever they want, while also working on their strength. There are no obligations and the membership is valid at all KicksFit locations in the Netherlands. In short: all-round football workouts, that are effective and fun.


More information about the KNVB

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