Football & fitness in one. Learn more about Kicksfit!

KicksFit is a concept of the KNVB, which combines fitness and football training in workouts of at least 1 hour. This way you can play football and get stronger, without having to go to the gym. A perfect way for every football fan to maintain your strength and condition without any obligations. But is Kicksfit only for football players? No! Or do you think you are not fit enough? Nonsense! In this blog we take you through 6 misconceptions about Kicksfit.

Heart rate training: 5 essential tips!

Training on heart rate can give you very valuable information about your fitness level and training intensity, among other things. At Kicksfit we regularly provide high-intensity training forms that raise the heart rate significantly. This does not only stimulate calorie burning, but also provides a great training stimulus for the heart-lung system. This has several positive consequences in the short and long term. Want to know how to properly train on heart rate? Below we will share 5 tips you do not want to miss out on!

Nutrition for athletes. 5 important nutrition tips before, during and after your training!

Do you want to become (even) stronger and fitter? You can! During a Kicksfit workout you don’t only work on your football skills, but your entire body is put to work in a challenging way based on the HITT principle (High Intensity Interval Training principle). However, to achieve the maximum result, not (only) your training, but especially your diet and lifestyle are of large importance. Graduate Sports nutrition consultant and Kicksfit Trainer Jelmer Siemons shares the 5 most important tips for nutrition for athletes with you.

How do I get fit for football? 6 hints!

In order to not only prevent injuries, but also to improve performance on the football field, it is important to ensure a broad motor development. In this blog Jelmer Siemons – trainer at Kicksfit and former physical trainer of the first team of SC Heerenveen – shares 6 important tips to become and stay fit for football!