Football & fitness in one. Learn more about Kicksfit!

KicksFit is a concept of the KNVB, which combines fitness and football training in workouts of at least 1 hour. This way you can play football and get stronger, without having to go to the gym. A perfect way for every football fan to maintain your strength and condition without any obligations. But is Kicksfit only for football players? No! Or do you think you are not fit enough? Nonsense! In this blog we take you through 6 misconceptions about Kicksfit.

1) To participate in Kicksfit you must be in top shape

Although a Kicksfit workout is certainly challenging and both your muscles and your heart-lung system are put to work, it is certainly not a must to be (top) fit. Kicksfit’s certified trainers take the load and load capacity of the participants into account for each exercise.

Where necessary, the exercises are made more difficult or easy, so everyone can exercise at his or her own level. How is football and fitness combined during a workout?

2) Kicksfit is only suitable for men

On the contrary! More and more girls and women are finding their way to the football field, we at Kicksfit also see a strong increase in the number of women participating in the Kicksfit workouts. The exercises have been chosen in such a way that they are suitable for both women and men. With a number of exercises you have 2 varieties of the exercise, so that there is always an exercise that is fun and challenging.

3) A membership of the KNVB is mandatory

You do not have to be a member of the KNVB to participate in the Kicksfit workouts. As a KNVB member you do benefit from a 30% discount on the Basic subscription and even 40% on an unlimited membership. We also offer 10 days of free trial training, a great opportunity to try the combination of football and fitness! Read more information about the Kicksfit subscriptions here.

4) As a member of Kicksfit you are obliged to exercise at a fixed time

Kicksfit stands for flexibility! Since many participants have a busy private life and/or busy job, Kicksfit offers the opportunity to participate when it suits you. Most workouts are offered several times a week. With an unlimited subscription you can come and go as you please!

5) Kicksfit is only for (active) football players

Although many Kicksfit participants have a football past or are still active in a football club, it is certainly not a must to have played football. So you are also welcome if you want to work on your health in a challenging way and like to kick a ball.

6) At Kicksfit, “performance” comes first

The challenging football-specific training forms, supplemented with strength and cardio exercises, will certainly have a positive contribution on the football field and benefit the “performance”. However, having fun is most important and the football and fitness exercises are based on having fun.

60 minutes of playing a fun game of football while challenging your fitness with a full body workout: that is KicksFit. You go wherever and whenever you want: there is no attendance obligation and your subscription is valid at all KicksFit locations in the Netherlands.

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