Do your favorite football-workout in Zwolle at SV HTC. With an ideal location, the sports park offers all facilities for you and your friends to come and train. It is an easily accessible location, we train on a ½ football field and the club provides everything you need. Book your KicksFit workout here. KicksFit is a new and unique concept from the KNVB, which combines fitness and football training in workouts of at least 1 hour. This way you can just play football and get stronger, without having to go to the gym. Due to the fitness elements from functional training, you train your entire body with KicksFit, so that you remain in balance and you train your condition, your muscle strength and your football technique at once; multi-efficient!

You can train where and whenever you want: there is no attendance requirement and your subscription is valid at all KicksFit locations in the Netherlands.


Training times KicksFit SV HTC

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KicksFit Location

Zwolle -


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Ideal location in Zwolle

SVT HTC Zwolle is easily accessible by car, public transport and bike.

By car

From the A28 you can easily drive to the football club, without the traffic of the city. There are plenty of free parking spaces.

Public transport

The club is also easy to reach by public transport. For example, bus line 3 can be taken from the center of Zwolle to the 'Caspar Fagelstraat' stop.


The best option and better for the environment. Do your warm-up on your bike and lock your bike at the sports complex. There are also sufficient bicycle racks.

The facilities at KicksFit SV HTC

The Zwolle KicksFit location has all the facilities we need for the football workouts:

  Multiple, well-maintained grass pitch
  All necessary materials
  Fitness elastic bands and kettlebells 8- 20 kg
  Changing rooms
  Water filling points
  Many parking options for bikes, cars and scooters

More information about this location

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